our core values

We believe that healing and humanity are as vital a part of any family justice system as they are of our national and international community; they go hand in hand at the centre of any service devoted to helping families in the midst of crisis or change.


Mediation and our other services can only be effective if they are client centred; far too many previous attempts at providing information services have failed because they do not meet the needs of those seeking help.

One of the principles of mediation is that the clients retain control throughout; unlike the Court process, you exercise your discretion, with our assistance, to find options that are in everyone's best interests.

And we promise to do our very best to find ways in which we can meet your particular needs for dispute resolution, rather than try to fit you to some pre-conceived model.

We believe that to be human is to co-operate, not to fight:

"One aspect of compassion is to respect others’ rights and to respect others’ views. The human spirit of reconciliation is working deep down, whether the person really knows it or not. Our basic human nature is gentleness; therefore, no matter how much we go through violence and other bad things, ultimately the proper solution is to return to human feeling and affection"  (the Dalai Lama)

Humanity also means

  • Humility - the knowledge that we can always do things better, and that the solutions to problems lie not with us but with you, the clients
  • Humour - the lightness of touch that comes from a freshness and openness to new situations and solutions

“Long live the man
Long live the woman
Who use both courage and compassion
Long live their children”

Adrian Mitchell - Final Chant