What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is:

  • An alternative to court proceedings for solving issues relating to divorce, separation, finance and care of children
  • Generally a much cheaper and faster process than the Courts can offer
  • A way of helping you reach agreements which take account of all your needs, concerns and interests
  • Increasingly expected of you before you consider Court proceedings
  • Voluntary and confidential
  • A process by which you can make decisions about your own and your children’s future with the help of an impartial third party, a mediator

Family Mediation is not:

  • Counselling or therapy
  • About reconciliation
  • A substitute for legal advice
  • A legally binding process
  • The right process for everyone

How does Family Mediation work?

First you will come to an Assessment meeting with a mediator, to find out more and to decide if mediation is the right process for you.  This is usually something you do on your own, at a separate assessment meeting, but some people do come together to a joint assessment meeting.  At your assessment meeting our mediators will also calculate whether you are eligible for legal aid, public funding.  If you do qualify for legal aid and can provide up to date evidence of your income mediation will be completely free of charge.

If you decide to go ahead with mediation, a suitable appointment time will be made for you both to attend with a mediator for your first session.   Each session usually lasts around 90 minutes and on average the process takes between 3 and 5 sessions depending on the issues. 

At the first session your mediator will help you to set an agenda for what you both want to achieve and start to explore the options.

Usually we will be sitting round a table together, but there is the option for separate rooms if you would find this more comfortable and this is what we call shuttled mediation.

Sometimes mediators work on their own, sometimes in pairs which is called a co-mediation.

If you do not get public funding to cover the cost of mediation we ask that you pay at the end of each session, this way you will not be presented with a large invoice and can keep complete control of how much the process is costing you.

At the end of (and sometimes during)  the process, you and your solicitors are sent  details of the proposals you have made together so they can then be easily and quickly turned into documents required to make your proposals legally binding.

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