Welcome to The Mediation Centre

The Mediation Centre was established in Staffordshire in 1997 and has gained a national reputation as one of the most successful and pioneering services in the dispute resolution arena. The Mediation Centre forms part of Nowell Meller Solicitors Limited who also run one of the largest specialist family law services in the region. This enables us to offer a wide range of services to help you resolve family and other disputes co-operatively and effectively. 

We offer both private and publicly funded (Legal Aid) mediation across the West Midlands.  Mediation is offered at our main office in Stafford and our outposts in Hanley, Burslem, Cannock, Burton and Crewe, but we can also arrange appointments across the wider region and nationally where required.

Our services are built on strong foundations - our three core values of humanity, innovation and excellence, and our three core and integrated services of information giving, mediation and professional development, all of which support and feed each other.

Our belief is that everyone should have an equal opportunity to resolve their family and other relationship disputes, for their own benefit and particularly the benefit of any children, regardless of the level of finance involved or the level of complexity and difficulty. Our services and access points seek to remove as many obstacles to co-operation as possible, so that, in those rare cases where a Court decision is required, you can be assured that everything else has been tried first.

We don't just provide family mediation, but a range of mediation services tailored to particular disputes, from inheritance to cohabitation issues, workplace to commercial disputes, and from entering new relationships to building new relationships as separated parents.

We believe that mediation has a bright future, and provides better futures for those entering or leaving relationships. We want to work with our family law and mediation colleagues to build the market and opportunity for mediation and conflict resolution, and to be more ambitious about the standard and breadth of service we provide.

History and Background

The Mediation Centre is part of Nowell Meller Solicitors, a law firm established over 50 years ago and with a first-class reputation.  Founder  Neil Robinson trained as a mediator in 1990, having been instrumental in setting up the first family conciliation service in Staffordshire in 1984. He left The Mediation Centre in 2013 and was replaced as supervisor by Robin ap Cynan, who was equally as well-known with a national reputation. Following Robin's untimely death in 2015, Nicholas Von Benzon has taken over that role. Our service is supported by a team of mediators and trained staff from a wide range of backgrounds.

We have held a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide publicly funded mediation since 1998. It is our belief that all those seeking to mediate should have the best quality service, whether publicly or privately funded.

The service has grown consistently over the last fifteen years, now receiving well over 100 referrals a month, as well as offering information and professional development services, and other forms of conflict resolution.

The Mediation Centre not only has an excellent reputation with clients and professionals, but also organises a range of training. Its members are involved in a wide range of local and national initiatives to promote mediation. We have built strong links within our local community, both with our colleagues in the family law professions and in other supportive agencies such as Relate and the CAB.  We provide a caring and compassionate service that meets the real needs of our clients. We believe that this customer focus and partnership are major strengths which make us different and  influence the manner in which we conduct our work.


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