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Mediation is a very cost-effective way to resolve financial and property issues on separation or divorce.  It provides an opportunity to apply the same principles which would guide a judge in the distribution of your family property and income, but with you retaining control of the process.  After all, you have the best understanding of your family’s needs.

Often it will be helpful to involve your solicitors actively in the process.  Even in these cases, you should benefit from greater co-operation, and a much smaller proportion of family assets will be spent on legal costs.

In mediation there is the added benefit of discussing financial matters alongside your concerns about your children’s future.  There is always a link between the two whereas in court they will be dealt with separately.

So that you can explore the options available to you, it is vital to have the best possible information. We will make sure we inform you about the current legal guidance, and we ask that you provide comprehensive financial disclosure, much as you would in Court proceedings.

Even where final proposals cannot be agreed, the compiling of information is often much more cost-effective than in legal proceedings.

Unlike other services, all cases involving finances are undertaken by mediators experienced in this work, almost always those with a legal background, supported by specialist family lawyers, financial advisers and others as and when required.

For further information on any of the following areas please go to the Information Bank to see further fact sheets and case studies.

  • Pensions & Investments
  • Houses & Property
  • Child Maintenance
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Businesses

We have also developed a series of innovative models of financial dispute resolution that may be suited to your particular circumstances:

  • New Models of Financial Dispute Resolution
  • Informal Financial Dispute Resolution
  • Enhanced models of family/ civil mediation
  • Mediation in Cohabitation cases
  • High Net Worth Cases


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