Why choose us

Clients come first:

"Mediation helped us to sort out our problems and we are now able to get on together as it feels like we have wiped the slate clean.  I would definitely recommend Mediation."

"I would just like to say thank you to everyone at The Mediation Centre.  You really helped me and my ex to communicate better with one another and so far our relationship/friendship is far better than before.  Highly recommended."

"I think mediation is a powerful tool for conflict resolution."

"A third party not known to either person in a break-up can help them to see the best way forward."

"When you separate and know nothing, mediation helps you understand and deal with everything."

"The service is completely impartial and they work to move you towards solutions.  I found overall the mediation to be a really positive experience and to be a more cost-effective (even time-effective) experience than utilising the Courts."

"Mediation created an avenue for discussion that would not have existed previously."

"It was a clear and simple way to sort issues out."

"It was easy making contact and the staff answering the calls I made were excellent.

"During my 3 visits I was made to feel at ease and learned how to look forward.  Life has definitely become a lot better for myself and my children because of mediation.  I hope I can continue your good work".

 (All comments made by clients)

We believe that our client and child focus is a major strength differentiating us from others and influencing the manner in which we conduct our work.  Our service is built on many years of experience; the key to our success is the personal service our clients receive from our professional and friendly mediators and support teams.   We aim to offer our clients support and guidance throughout their process.  You can rest assured that you will feel completely looked after with us and when we cannot provide something, we will most certainly know someone who can.

We do things differently

Have you become frustrated trying to work out the systems and who to talk to?  We offer information, guidance and mediation to help you work out the right way forward for you. The way we help you will be created to meet your needs, rather than fit you into fixed ways of doing things. Although we are very proud of the service we offer, we will never become complacent.   Mediation is always changing and we strive to be at the forefront of developments and to remain innovative and forward thinking.

Good listening and communication skills are crucial for mediators and we can never stop learning from others.  Not only do we have regular professional update sessions for our own team, but we run a programme of forums, courses and specialist activities which welcomes mediators from other organisations.

This is why in 2012 we embarked on an ambitious programme of development to explore how a mediation service can properly provide the services which might make the Government's response to the Family Justice Review a time of change for the better, rather than cost cutting.

Our new initiatives include:

  • Our family information "hub"
  • Our new services for families, to remove some of the impediments to effective cooperation
  • Our new services for dealing with complex or conflicted financial disputes
  • Our expert flying mediators team, available to deal with entrenched and complex conflicts
  • The building of further links across the country in a "community of excellence"
  • The Cloud, a place for forward thinking outside the structures

We strive for excellence

Our expertise as family mediators means that we can provide the best possible opportunity for couples to resolve matters co-operatively.  Our focus is on helping clients sort out issues whilst avoiding costly, painful and time consuming litigation wherever possible, to the benefit of the whole family.


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