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Our team of expert mediators is available to provide dispute resolution by travelling to where you are within the UK, providing a bespoke, multi-disciplinary model for the most entrenched, complex or high-net-worth of cases.

Some Explanation

We are a community of shared values, loose affiliations and professional friendships, not an exclusive club or network. This enable us to cross refer with confidence and to share ideas. In some circumstances it involves connections, franchises and innovative business models. In all cases, whether by mini-conference, internet-based networking or formal consultancy, it provides an opportunity for dialogue and development.

Our determination is to work in partnership whether in individual cases or more generally, with family law colleagues, Judges, academics and Cafcass, to provide the best integrated opportunity for co-operative outcomes for families. We aim to work co-operatively with all those of good faith who might otherwise be seen as our competitors, to build the market for family mediation and Dispute Resolution Services. We see mediation as an emerging profession with the highest standards and ethics, and seek to harness the creative power of partnership to see how far it may yet develop.

We fully support the work of the Family Mediation Council and its lead bodies in establishing standards and organisations that are fit for purpose for a new generation of family mediation.


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